Another great feature of my Mutineer/Buccaneer Rudder Bags is that they are Made in the USA and over 90% of the materials are made in USA also!  There are a few small items I haven't been able to figure out where they are from, but the vast majority of the significant materials (namely the Odyssey III softouch fabric) is made right here in the states.

DIY'ers Welcome!

I assume a lot of the Mutineer and Buccaneer sailers that are visiting my site are really good DIY'ers and are here just to get ideas and see what I've done.  Feel as welcome and any potential customer!  I'm a DIY'er myself, that's how I started this project and business.
Here's the link to the Sailrite video that got me going!  This link is the meat and potatoes of how the Mutineer and Buccaneer rudder bag is built and you can get a closer look at the materials.  So if you're a DIY'er looking to figure out how I did it look no further, start with this video.  On the other hand if you're a potential customer and want to know more about the construction of the bag, then this video is also worth checking out.  Here's the link:

After watching this video you may be wondering why I have provided this link,  am I crazy giving away my secrets?   Actually as a DIY'er you still may want to consider just buying a bag from me as there are quite a few things that the video doeasn't show you.  The most obvious thing I have done is modify the design to fit the Mutineer and Buccaneer Rudder, tiller, and battens and that's just the standard bag, if your interested in the Deluxe version the video doesn't say anything about how to construct or design any of that.  Next, is finding and getting wholesale accounts set up, you'll find that to buy all the stuff from Sailrite you'll have about $130 in materials.  Lastly, a home sewing machine won't build this bag, there are some thick multi-layer areas to sew...  Lastly, my labor rate is not very high on these, I think it would be easiest to buy one from me, even if you can Do It Yourself!  Thanks for stopping by - Jason